This teacher guide was developed by world-class teaching artists at Lincoln Center Education, specifically for Jazzy Ash's recent Meet The Artist presentation at Lincoln Center. The guide is "comprised of contextual information about the artists, suggested pre- and post-performance classroom activities, and discussion questions", and includes information about Common Core connections. 

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We have created this page especially for you!  Here, you will find all the information for our school, family and professional development programs. (See program descriptions & pricing here.)  

The educational supplement to our most popular school presentation, Jazz History is Our History, is above. This guide includes additional lessons, activities, and books recommendations, designed to seamlessly expand the theatrical Jazzy Ash experience back to the classroom and beyond. 

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Helpful Links: 

You Can Play Ukulele

Jazzy Ash's own local ukulele program for students of all ages. 

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation

The foundation that hosts the world famous Jazz Fest in New Orleans is also a helpful organization for keeping up with jazz heritage information and events. 

Smithsonian Folkways 

An excellent resource for all thing folk music. 

Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns

​Ken Burn's excellent film series on the history of jazz is expanded to include biographies, listening link, a classroom lesson page, and more. 

Jazz at Lincoln Center
Infinitus combines hip hop and jazz influences to create their unique sound. Jazz at Lincoln Center is one of the world’s premiere centers for Jazz music. Find out more about the art form and its home at Lincoln Center. 

" [It's] the perfect blend of educational and fun."  -  Lincoln Center Education

​"Thanks again for a truly extraordinary experience in Denver. You guys totally rock!"  - American Speech-Language Hearing Association

"Great show! Thank you...for one of the best shows we've had! I heard so many wonderful compliments. You and your musicians really engaged the audience and taught them something at the same time"  - Huntington Beach Central Library

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Educator's Guide 

    HOP TO SCHOOL                                ICE SKATES                                     JITTERBUG                                  SALMON SONG

What Educators Are Saying... 

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Jazzy Ash's