(Duration: 1 hour, call for pricing) 

Jazz is a rich part of the music heritage all Americans share.  In this interactive program, Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards use their original tunes and some of the greatest songs from black folk music, blues, Ragtime, jazz, zydeco, and swing to help students develop music literacy and to share the encouraging, multicultural story of Jazz in America.

Students will learn about the birth of jazz music in New Orleans and how jazz is the narrative of the early black American experience. In this upbeat, celebratory approach, students will grow in cultural competency as they appreciate jazz as a testimony of the incredible tenacity of the human spirit. 

BON VOYAGE (Preschool, TK-2) 
Jazzy Ash’s fun-filled, original tunes encourage students in multiple areas of early childhood development and Common Core. ​The "Bon Voyage" show gives children the experience of a live jazz concert while the content focuses on early childhood developmental concepts such as social skills, diversity awareness, and large motor development​.

teachers guides and CDsmake it easy to bring the concepts back to the classroom.

(30, 60 and 90 min. presentations; call for pricing)

At this seminar, parents learn how to use exciting songs and activities to encourage early childhood development. Parents will also learn how to use music to celebrate their personal family heritage, and explore the cultures of others.


(30, 60 and 90 min. presentations; call for pricing)

Get kids moving with the upbeat, exciting sounds of early New Orleans jazz. Jazzy Ash’s original songs introduce the rich musical history of New Orleans while encouraging school readiness, motor development, social-emotional development, diversity awareness, and musical literacy. In this interactive workshop, educators practice using music, movement and the call-and-response technique as tools to develop vocabulary and language.

You Can Play Ukulele - This workshop quickly and playfully instructs educators how to play the ukulele. Teachers also learn how to integrate music into their current curriculum, and how to create a “daily classroom rhythm” through music.

(45, 60 and 90 min. presentations, call for pricing)

Everyday is a Mardi Gras party with Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards: the first and only New Orleans Jazz Band just for kids. Use your imagination as you come aboard the Queen Helene Riverboat Cruise and discover Jazzy Ash’s home of New Orleans. With this live, high-energy, jumpin’ jazz band, explore the playful sounds of early New Orleans jazz, zydeco, be-bop, and swing. Jazzy Ash shows are crafted to be approachable for young ears, featuring original songs from Jazzy’s three family albums, and traditional jazz favorites that every kid should know.


Intro to African American Hand-Clapping Songs and Games 
In this interactive workshop, Ashli leads participants on a hands-on exploration through songs and games developed in the neighborhoods and playgrounds of black children in the early twentieth century. Challenge yourself as you discover intricate clapping rhythms, thoughtful songs and games, and hilarious dances, created by anonymous children of the past who had little to no formal music training. [Taught through  in-class interactive instruction and powerpoint (optional)]

Jazz Songs Every Child Should Know
In this hands-on residency program, students take an upbeat journey through early Black American music. Jazzy Ash uses some of the greatest songs from early black folks music, blues, and jazz to teach about American folk tradition, black history, and the encouraging, multicultural story of Jazz in America.

You Can Play Ukulele
An introduction to music, a key to a whole new world. We believe that, in order for music to be effective, the experience must be enjoyable. We believe that hands-on musical experiences are a powerful tool for learning about musicianship, one's self and the world surrounding them. Through the YCPU curriculum, we gently and playfully teach music appreciation, technique, musicianship and songwriting. Our approach is a combination the play and inventive principals of the Orff Schulwerk Method and global focus of the World Music Pedagogy (Patricia Shehan Campbell).

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