Jazzy Ash,

About Jazzy Ash 

                                    also known as Ashli Christoval, grew up with her mom from New Orleans and her dad from Trinidad. Music infused her home life every day, from jazz to Caribbean rhythms to the lively children’s music which was playing all the time for the kids in her mother’s home day care. She often spent summers in New Orleans with her aunts and grandparents, enjoying the culture and music that permeated their West Bank neighborhood.

Starting in junior high, Christoval explored musical theater, portraying roles as diverse as Lady Macbeth to "Anita" in West Side Story while singing in several choirs. Later on, after becoming mom to two sons, she earned a degree in early childhood development and embarked on her music education program, Leaping Lizards Music. Her first album Ready offers peppy songs exploring preschool concepts, and her second album Home was the first to explore her New Orleans musical heritage.

Christoval’s recent NOLA visits during Mardi Gras, and participating in a neighborhood second line reaffirmed the importance of exploring this part of her heritage. “Learning about  this music and performing it gives me a foundation. Truly, I’ve found myself through this experience. Even though I was born in California, I see myself as a second-generation New Orleanean, since New Orleans is so much a part of my family’s experience, going back at least five generations.” 

Ash and her band, Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards, have had the pleasure of performing at Lincoln Center and Symphony Space in New York, Getty Center in California, and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, among other prestigious venues. 

Her music has been featured by LA Times and NPR, and continues to top the Children's Music Charts