"Solving mysteries in New Orleans is the premise of a series of the young-adult audiobooks she's written about a teen detective..." 

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Ashli St. Armant a.k.a. Jazzy Ash, has stepped into a new adventure with her middle-grade Audible original mystery series, Viva Durant.

With almost 10,000 Audible reviews and a 4.6 star rating, Viva Durant and the Secret of the Silver Buttons, has enchanted families all over the world. The story became the #1 Best-selling Children's Story on Audible, #2 on New York Times Best-selling Audiobook List and is on Good Housekeeping's List of Top 20 Audiobooks for Kids

The sequels, Viva Durant and the Madness of Madame Bouchard and Viva Durant and the Mystery at the Maquerade Ball, are out now!

To create the setting for this mystery, Ashli drew from her own experiences of spending summers and holidays in New Orleans throughout her childhood. And many of characters in the story are based on real people in her life. 

"Even though this story is mysterious and magical," says Ashli, "I wanted to create something that felt tangible - something that people could relate to." 

The culture of New Orleans pours through this audiobook, as listeners are enriched with jazz, blues and all things Creole. These stories are brought to life with stellar performances by star narrator Bahni Turpin,original music from Big Ego Studios, and a dream team at Audible Studios. 

"Music and mysteries come together in this jazzy, New Orleans-set story" Read More

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"The culture of New Orleans pours through this audiobook..." Read more.