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Good Foot pays homage to the solid gold sounds of Black American music in the 1950s and 1960s. From Motown to doo-wop, to rock-and-roll and touching on the early days of funk, Jazzy Ash has tapped into the soul of these music genres to bring a unique sound to new generation. Powerful vocals, rock solid musicianship and good old fashioned fun make this 6 song EP a must listen for families this fall.

“I’m still so blown away this kind of music, which is so full of life and joy, was created during one of the most socially and politically chaotic eras in American history- especially for Black people,” says Ash.“They found ways to have hope and happiness, even through the most difficult times.That’s what we need right now."


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Created exclusively for Yoto Play, Songs from the Playground is a collection of tunes created by Black girls on America’s playgrounds during the 20th century, with a Jazzy Ash twist! 

Listen and play along to songs like "Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O" and "Bought Me a Cat". 

It's an intimate record performed with pianist Doug Carter and guitarist Davin Givhan at BIG EGO Studios.

Yoto Play is changing the way children experience music and storytelling. What a joy to collaborate with them on this project!


Songs from the Playground 

Jazzy Ash is back with her fourth album for all ages, Swing Set. Arranged and enhanced for a new generation, these 14 classic songs, rhythms and rhymes represent and celebrate a tradition handed down by African-American children, adults, and musicians from the mid-19th century to the early jazz era. 

Produced by Chris Schlarb at his completely analog studio Big Ego, these tracks vary from spirited playground rhymes, to soulful lullabies and classic New Orleans melodies. Swing Set features Washington, DC based artist Uncle Devin on “Hambone,” and tap dancer Sarah Reich
(Postmodern Jukebox) on “Ballin’ the Jack.”


Acclaimed family jazz performer Jazzy Ash and folksinger/puppeteer Red Yarn team up to release a lively new collaborative EP 'Sing Together.' 

United by an appreciation of traditional American music, Jazzy Ash and Red Yarn stir their individual styles into a unique musical gumbo. Their new collaborative songs blend jazz, folk, soul, country and early rock’n’roll into a playful, varied sound.

Their friendship and the fun they have singing together are infectious and listeners are sure to want to join in and sing along.


Swing Set

Good Foot