Multiple award-winning and nationally touring artist Jazzy Ash is back with her fourth album for all ages, Swing Set. Arranged and enhanced for a new generation, these 14 classic songs, rhythms and rhymes represent and celebrate a tradition handed down by African-American children, adults, and musicians from the mid-19th century to the early jazz era. 

After years of deep research, Jazzy Ash gathers up these time-tested tunes, polishes them up, and presents them to new audience.  The songs on Swing Set are interspersed with percussive playground rhymes. Each track is at least 90 years old. Produced  by Chris Schlarb at his completely analog studio Big Ego, these tracks vary from sassy clapping playground rhymes, to soulful lullabies and classic New Orleans melodies, all presented in style by Jazzy Ash, her band, with children’s voices sprinkled in to invite listener engagement. Swing Set also features Washington DC based artist Uncle Devin on “Hambone,” and tap dancer Sarah Reich (Postmodern Jukebox) on “Ballin’ the Jack.”

“The history behind these songs and rhymes is so rich ,” explains Jazzy Ash. “As I was researching these and sharing my arrangements with my students and teachers in my workshops, I realized how many generations of people have been personally impacted by these traditional tunes. Many of these songs and games were largely carried along by little girls on the playground throughout time, and it’s not often that we celebrate the work of women. I wanted to convey the grit and soul of that grassroots heritage with these recordings.”

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Swing Set 


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